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So we should really post more often… But are living up to being SLACKERS!!!!

But I have got to tell you, we have been busy! Two weekends before the PKD walk last Sunday we held a garage sale, raising just shy of $1,200 for Team Jody and the PKD walk. We were AMAZED! Through the sale we had a big banner “All Proceeds go to the PKD Foundation” people asked we shared.

Generosity again reared it head, we had 9 families donated their things to be sold… we had tables and tables of stuff that people could hardly sift through. THANK YOU to our friends for their help!!!

We placed ads and Joe made some stellar signs that hung throughout the neighborhood. We had folks come all 3 days we held the sale, knowing we kept getting goodies from all our friends!

What touched us was those “garage salers” who left crying, offered us hugs of support, or just said that they would be praying for us. Amazing acts of kindness from so many people, some which are close friends and others who just stopped to offer their regrets.


Team Jody at the 2009 Phoenix, PKD Walk

Team Jody at the 2009 Phoenix, PKD Walk

First, WOW….

That was all of us….  The sea of blue shirts with Jody’s picture.  More acts of kindness… Our friend Becky’s brother did the graphics for the shirts so beautifully, and the printing was done by a SUPER nice guy in Cave Creek. We told Matt he could print his logo on the shirt, do what ever he wanted. He did not want credit, he just did the printing out of the kindness of his heart, all that he asked for was a picture of the shirts in action. I will post his company info at the bottom of the blog…

Most people involved in the walk are living with ADPKD, the dominate form of PKD. ARPKD is mighty rare, there are some of us out there… Dean (the guy in the image below) is the walk organizer, we hope to get involved next year with the walk and continue working with him through the foundation in anyway.


What’s Next…

I thought about this several times over the last week…. What are we going to invest our time in now? Who the hell knows. We like to keep busy and maybe we can attend a few more parties, clean our house (fat chance!) something. We will continue to work with families that contact us through the blog or come to us in another way.

Can I tell you about Kim & Bobbie, there little girl Grace was received into heaven the other day. We had dinner scheduled on my birthday (Oct. 14th) but Angel  Grace had other plans. We have yet to meet them, but they have been on our minds for days. Soon enough we will get together for the pizza and beer we had planned. Until then we will continue to think of them and Angel Grace. We lit a candle for her on the 14th after we knew dinner was not an option. It’s a candle I have had for ages… So fitting for a little girl.

Further Reaching…

I have been blessed to be the mom of an Angel, I know that sounds rather positive. But seriously, so many times I think about Joe and how dads don’t quite share the same as mom’s. This leads me to tell you about so beautiful Momma’s that have filled a gap in my heart that I did not know existed. Mom’s that too have been blessed with an Angel of their own. Mom’s that know the ache in the bottom of your stomach when someone asks the questions… “How many kids do you have?” How do you respond? Us in trying to remain positive “Jennifer, 10 – Joey, 4 – and Jody, 6 Heavenly months old”

Yup… I hear you calling me stupid, maybe it is, but Jody is by far not forgotten. Yes it might prompt a question, but we share. He is one of our many blessings…

I am chronic when it comes to digressing…

Back to my point!!!

Right before I was leaving for DC, a beautiful woman Michele suggested to a few of us ARPKD mom’s that we start a Facebook group, website something. Beautiful Kate started the group… Kate and I are meant to communicate. Her daughter lost a 6 month battle with ARPKD on April 10th. She and Jody were escorted to the next place on the same day. Kate took off running and started the group… if you are a parent of a child with ARPKD you can join..ARPKD Angels


On the right you will see a link to the website that I did as well …. It is called ARPKD Angels too! It has a support forum in addition to the group on Facebook. Joe asked me why… My thoughts were “Gezzzz not EVERYONE is on Facebook!” to visit the site please go to www.arpkdangels.webs.com

These moms ROCK!!!

I will leave you with that…