It is just around the corner. Alright break it to me, its in 2 days. Being the procrastinators that we are, on top of being ill we just got our costumes today. First question… does every woman want to look like a hooker? Holy smokes, one size fits all fits only women with a B cup, and no hips…. Okay just you wait to see what we are!!! White trash here we come!

New Friends

We have been so busy, maybe a little introverted as of lately. But really we are alive! Yesterday we had Kim & Bobbie over, their Angle Grace was born on Oct. 15th the day after my birthday! So Grace, Joe and I are all birthday buddies… It was wonderful to finally get to spend sometime with Kim and Bobbie, hear them talk about Grace. Kim is such a mom, listening to her talk just made my heart feel humble. Even as a mom to an angel, your mom instincts never change. You want your precious one in your arms.

Precious Jennifer

This morning I should have been in Austin helping my mom get ready for a move, but being sick all week there was on way I would get on a plane. I will help soon, but after waking up from my coma I saw a stack of Jennifer’s school work on the island in the kitchen. I ignored the HUGE red D that stared at me all day. So this evening I started flipping through the work from last quarter and you will not believe what I found. Halfway through the stack I found these two assignments that I wanted to share.


A little something from me!

August 18, 2009

Activity: Write about two time when you have been scared.

Jennifer’s Journal:

When I was in 4th grade on the 2nd week of school my parents told me that my Mom was pregnant. I was so excited, I really thought she was going to FINALLY have a girl! But a couple of months later my Mom had an appointment to see how my baby brother, Jody was doing. Me and my brother sat out in the hall way. About an hour and a half later my parent came out crying. My parents told me that my brother would not live. They said his kidneys did not work and since they did not work there was no baby pee. Since there was no fluid he could not practice using his lungs, so his lungs were not growing. His kidneys also got very large, they were just a few centimeters smaller then a grown-ups. The next couple of months were kind of emotional. Then a month after they were told my brother would not live, my Mom thought she was having contractions. I was thinking that would be the day my brother was born and the day that he would die. But was so re-leaved when my Mom came home. That was not going to be the day.

Then two months later on April 9th my patents went into the hospital at 10 o’clock so my Mom could get ready to have Jody. I was the first person to see him, then my brother, then the rest of the family. He was so beautiful. He passed away at 9:57 that night. It was raining while he was being born and after he passed away.


I will take a few minutes to share the other one tomorrow… the one that just made me tear up. She is precious.