Dear Jody,

You would be 7 months old little big man! For Mommy and Daddy its hard to wrap our heads around, your not being home tucked in your bed as I write this. You know your alive in our house even though your not here. We just got you the most beautiful chest for all of your belongings, it sits in the family room just where you would spend most of your time. In it is the softest blankets, the most precious teddy bears, mementos that we will always treasure.

This morning I was laying in bed thinking I wish I could turn the clock back, to just have five more minutes of time with you. To hold you and be enveloped in all your sweetness would be heavenly. I could tell you I would give anything for a few moments with you.

Last night Daddy and I were looking at pictures of you, what a treasure. We found one of the most picturesque images of you. I laugh at something Grandma Terian had said about the day you were born, Angelina was taking pictures, all she remembered was hearing click, click, click. At one point she thought about all the famous people and the paparazzi. Then she thought “he is such a very important person”. Through the series of pictures we could see nurse Jen checking your heart beat, she completed and then she bent to kiss you. Grandma was holding you, and you look just so beautiful.

For today we will take pleasure in our new picture, and remember you through smiles not tears.

Loving you always,