As it approaches the holiday that reminds us how thankful we are for the lives we live and the individuals that surrounds us, as parents we have learned this year more then ever what life has given us.

In the article about the gifts Angelina gave us Karina quoted me,  “The loss of our child has been devastating. Still, our life is full. We can’t dwell on our loss. We can only celebrate what we have.”

I have to remind myself of this often. Reminding ourselves to be thankful for the moments we had, the feeling that for 60 minutes we had all 3 of our children living and breathing in the room with us. We are thankful…. So as we reflect on the holiday we hold on to all of the gifts that Jody gave us. We are new people, with softer hearts, not afraid to show emotions for people and situations. But most importantly we are thankful for all that we have in our lives… We leave with the reasons we are thankful for Jody, one of our greatest gifts…

Because of You
Because of you I appreciate the sunset more than before.
Because of you I stop to look up at the moon and wish upon a star.
Because of you I look forward to hearing the birds sing in the morning,
and thank God for their beautiful songs.
Because of you I am more understanding of others and accept people for who they are.
Because of you material things do not matter.
Because of you the touch of someone you love is more
precious than any gift you can receive.
Because of you I have a broken heart but I thank God for sending you to me.
For there is no stronger love than I hold for you.
Until we meet again…

We will sift through the holiday season standing tall knowing that an Angel carries us through each day.

We are also reminded that we are thankful for each person that walks with us. Yes it has been almost 8 months, hard to believe. But we know that our broken heart will only mend with time, and the love and understanding of others. We are also thankful for YOU….