Thanksgiving on the stone…

It’s strange the things that make you happy after losing a child. In October we were going to go to Disneyland to see Jody’s memorial stone that was placed in August. Sadly we did not make the trip because of work travel, so we thought of an even better idea.

Let’s have Thanksgiving at Disney with Jody’s stone! We packed our bags, braced ourselves for the crowds and made our way to Anaheim. There is a saying I have always loved walking into Disneyland over each bridge you enter…

It is so true, how can you not forget your worries walking through the gates of Disneyland? But just outside the threshold is our sweet little Angels stone… Of course our first stop, you think about all the things you want a child to experience and how can you miss Disneyland. Jody’s memory is there everyday, families walk over his stone on their way into the world of fantasy.

We entered the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy… captured pictures of our three precious little ones at Disneyland….

Our three kids….