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Sitting in the conference room yesterday I asked the question “what’s the date?”

Janell kindly replied “its the 9th”

The date made no impact on me what so ever… I moved along with the paperwork I was filling out, the day continued without the least bit of sorrow about what today really is.


I woke up with a “Shit” looked at the clock which the snooze button had been over worked this morning and looking right back at me was the time 5:24 a.m. I had to be to the office in less then 40 minutes. But I made it with a quick shower I walked over to my I have my very own angel shirt slipped that puppy on and off I went.

I believe it was the at the first sip of my coffee that I had the sinking feeling that I was an ass. For weeks I have remembered that today is sweet Angel Junipers 1 year heavenly birthday. With every intention I had the best gift in mind to send to Mandy, I never sent it. I sat in the car on my drive making excuses, we have been out of town, life just happens, look we are losing touch with even our friends. Quite frankly, there is no excuse, so with a heavy heart I asked sweet Juniper for a favor… Help her mommy be kind to herself today, give her moments of peace. Getting in I sat right down at my computer and fired off a message to Mandy. So my dear friend Mandy  whom I have never met be kind to yourself today, know that through the miles and snow we are thinking of you and your family today.

8 Months…

Today is not just Junipers birthday, but also Jody is 8 heavenly months old. We all start new adventures, but this holiday season we have got something up or sleeves…

We are taking gifts to the Gilbert Mercy for families that have yet to lose their little ones… so let me tell you about what we have been up to. If you are friends, you may or may not know this, but this is why we have not called and you have not seen us!

We continue to be reminded that we are so blessed… When we came home from the hospital our friends had compiled a list of people bringing us meals… Shelly coordinated with all people and we got this list. Looking at it we were so grateful, meals were coming for a month.

So our thought were why not do something special for the families and try to get them there in time for the Holiday season. We had every intent of dropping them off this week, but are still missing a few pieces to the puzzle… We have contact so many places and you can not believe the responses, they are so heartwarming!!!

Here is what our gifts will include…

Meal Gift Cards:

Oregano’s (I will tell you about our meeting with Manuela from Oregano’s later 🙂

Joe’s BBQ

China Way

Other items to be included:

Angel Necklace (specially made by Carla & Joe)

Quilting Squares – Donated by… (Carla will make a memorial quilt for Gilbert Mercy)

Tears Bear – Donated by the Hunter Hope Foundation

We are still waiting for a few other things…

Candles (if you read the AZ Republic article it mentioned that we always have a candle in our home it’s Jody’s candle)

Birth Announcements (donated by Polka Dot Moon)

Spa services – Donated by A New U Day Spa in Chandler

We are so excited to have started this… and are still looking for more items.

One other thing…

Joe and I always talk about the technology we have in these swanky new phones. So on a day when I needed a smile he sent me a few pictures…

Joe is so lucky to be the parent home in the morning…  He sent me a picture of Jennifer riding off to school!

Oh this one came out so small… If you know me then you will know for years I was begging for a Yorkie! Last year Joe and I went to Vegas and I hit it BIG!!! Okay not really big, about $700, but still it’s big! So instead of being a nice wife and saying “Honey, I will share it with you!” I was dancing in the streets… I KNEW what I was going to do. And on the drive home when Joe asked, “so what should we do with the winnings?”

My response was “I know I am buying a dog with mine, and you don’t have any”

He did at least laugh and say he did not want a Yippee dog, then agreed as long as I did not dress him up I could get a yorkie. Well guess what? Target had these little dog outfits in their bargain bin in the front of the store. So last week I tried to buy one, Joe eyeballed me and I quietly placed it back.  Then yesterday I BOUGHT IT!!! Is my little Buster not the cutest little thing in his sweater? (I know you have to squint)

Have I got a picture for you… this was the next image I got this morning

The message attached to the image was “I guess he didn’t like his jacket!!”

I am sure Joe was just laughing at me and my dumb sweater for Buster…

He makes me laugh, the dog yes, but Joe too!!!