Dearest Jody,

For all of us time has not been so kind. In our minds it seems like yesterday you were in our arms, somehow I have forgotten the way your tiny little body fit so perfectly against me. So often I close my eyes, remembering your smell, soft feet and beautiful head full of hair.

Each passing month we think about what milestones you would have reached, you would be rolling over, smiling and by now I am sure you would have such a heartwarming baby laugh. Thinking of these things make us smile, they alleviate the sadness for moments.

At this time of year we find ourselves reflecting on last Christmas, we believed that everything would be okay, a few months would pass and we would have you home where you should be. All of the thoughts come rushing back.

This Christmas we wish you were here more then anything, we know you travel with us in spirit. Our hearts often tell us one thing, but sadness and wishful thinking makes us wish you were in our arms right now.

As you look in on us know that we wish more then ever to have you hear. With you in our lives the gifts we received this year are not those packages under a tree, but the ones that we hold close to our hearts. Gifts of time, unaltered love, forgiveness and blessings are what we hold dear. Stay close to us sweet Jody, kiss the Angels who gives you love each day and whisper a thank you from your Mommy…

I love you