It was a year ago today we walked into the specialists office without a care in the world. With our two living kids in tow, we looked at ultrasound pictures knowing something just was not right… the sinking feeling that crept over us as we waited to find out what they saw.

It was two hours later we walked out of the office besides ourselves, and drove over to a park as Joey played we explained to Jennifer what we just learned. Explained we would not leave a stone unturned until we found out there was no hope.

The same evening we threw all of our “parent” rules out and the four of us crawled into bed. Joey was the only one who slept peaceful not knowing what the rest of us knew. I laid in bed tears flowing, angry, boiling over I finally went downstairs and cuddled with the blanket that I had recently finished for Jody’s room. I tried so hard to find something to just break, but through all my emotions, I knew nothing I did would change our child’s future.

Today with our heart in knots, knowing this is yet another milestone we meet filled with sorrow. We also walking in to today knowing we have no regrets, Jody’s entire existence was filled with love. We are the proudest parents of a little boy who accomplished so much more, who changed our outlook in life and taught us that those to touch your lives are always in your heart.