Each morning I find myself surrounded in love. Yes, love that is seen from those here, but most importantly a love that is felt only within my heart. I take a moment each morning, to talk to my Angel, to tell him about my day, ask him questions…to talk about the rainbow that I saw yesterday. When the rain comes rolling in I just hope and pray, that a rainbow will make it out. Since the day we left the hospital and saw the rainbow we took it as a sign saying, “he has arrived, he is safe with me.”

Growing up I went to church on Sunday, went to bible school, and yet I forgot the day we left what that the promise of the rainbow was. (Thank you Cherie for reminding me of this.) This morning I had started thinking of the image that Cherie posted on Facebook the other day and my response to her.  Rainbows to us have been a message, though the day we left the hospital we did not recall God’s promise to Noah, we do now.

~~God’s Rainbow~~

Rainbows appear after mighty storms,
When things look their very worst,
Just when the skies are darkest grey,
Look for the rainbow first.

The rainbow is a sign of God’s promise,
That He will guide us through any storm,
That He will see us through all our troubles,
No matter what their form.

When you feel battered by life’s storms,
And you are filled with doubt and dismay;
Just remember God’s rainbow is coming—
It’s only a prayer away.

As we left the hospital we know… On Good Friday our son was received… He would be 10 months old this month, and of course I wrote a blog that I never posted. (did you expect anything else?) In it I said…

Today, (it was Feb. 10th) I did what I do every month on Jody’s day… I grabbed my I have my very own angel shirt. I wear it proudly, though the past months when I put it one it felt as though someone punched my in the stomach. The shirt is not a reminder to others; it’s a reminder to me that I am the proud mother of an angel above. This month I smiled, not because the sadness had dwindled, more so because I AM proud, I AM the mother of an angel. Just ask me, and I will tell you all about him.

I had also had this poem to post… Author unknown….

A kiss to you Mommy,
a hug from me to you.
I know that you are sad sometimes,
I know that you are blue.
Please wipe away that tear,
and put on a happy face.
For I’m with God in Heaven now,
and oh, Mommy, what a wonderful place!
God gave me wings so I could fly,
they are white with a hint of blue.
I’m a big boy Mommy, with these wings of mine
they carry me down to visit you.
God is teaching me how to catch your prayers,
prayers that come as wishes.
Your wish is the same everyday,
a wish that I could have stayed.
I have a prayer for you now Mommy,
I pray that you will hear.
God needed me here with him,
I have no pain or fear.
For I am an Angel now you see,
I watch over you each night and day.
A little piece of Heaven on earth,
guiding you on your way.
I come to tuck you in each night,
as you wanted to do with me.
I hear your prayers and kiss your cheek,
and then I watch you dream.
Before I leave you and go back home,
I look at you and sigh.
And as I fly back to Heaven
I sing you a lull-a-bye.
A kiss to you Mommy,
a hug from me to you.
I love you Mommy, please don’t cry,
you’ll get to hold me soon.

This poem again reminded me of Cherie’s image… which is beautiful, but also her caption… see it all below…

Okay this one is not Cherie's I will upload hers shortly... Its all about the caption!!!

“Love God’s promise! The only good part of a rainstorm!”

Sometimes you get messages, maybe you do not realize it at the time, once you have an opportunity to reflect and really think about the true meaning. This time my message came through Cherie, reminding me of God’s promise to all of us… God promised that the earth and everything living on it would never again be destroyed by a flood. But he also promised through him eternal life.