It was a year ago today that our front door opened and we were greeted with a warm hug, seemingly from a friend that had known us a lifetime. This was our first time meeting face to face after exchanging emails and phone calls.Finally, a face behind the kind voice and emails of encouragement.

Who knew when she walked through our door she would be in our lives a year later. But let me tell you a little more about her before I start balling as I type this.

Our first phone conversation was simple, though I had to pass the phone to Joe several times, not yet mastering talking through tears. I was still on bed rest not knowing what to do next, she said the sweetest thing.

“I will be there to validate that he was here.”

The day we met she was so kind, and totally got Joe and I. She took the pictures, and then chatted with us.

As we explained what to expect, gave a copy of our birthing plan and a few little treats to keep in her bag just in case Joey needed some buttering up the day of Jody’s arrival, this woman did not look at us with pity in her eyes,  something we had gotten use to since learning Jody’s condition.

This woman is Angelina Dominguez, the photographer we selected from Now I Lay me Down to Sleep. But she should not just carry that title, because her beauty is not just in the images that she captures. She is a dear friend, one that we as a couple confide in but not just that, she is a friend that walked a journey with us. In a years time she feels like that friend that walked though our door one year ago. The friend you have the comfort in telling anything to, the one that accepts you, which can laugh at you and tell you how dumb you really are! More importantly we want you to know she is beautiful, inside and out how close we hold her friendship to our hearts.

One year ago she walked into our house as a photographer, now she walks through our door a dear friend, one whom we treasure.  Not many people beside Joe and I  can say they spent every minute of Jody’s life with him,  Angelina can!  She gave us something no one else could, priceless images of our sweet angel Jody!

Thank you for being you!