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Good Friday is such a beautiful day in our minds, a time to reflect and remember the sacrifices that God made for all of his children. April 10, 2009 the day Jody arrived, we reflected on Good Friday and the meaning. Such a holy day for our little guy to make his entrance into the world and proceed through the gates of heaven. Today, Good Friday, though not our precious angel Jody’s birthday we are given another reminder that almost a year ago he was in our arms.

Oh how our lives have changed in the last 12 months.  We have ridden an emotional roller coaster for well over a year.  Jody remains on our lips and in our hearts daily.  We can tell you there isn’t a day that he isn’t talked about or thought about.  Every night when Carla & I tuck the kids in we say prayers and Joey’s prayer is always the same.  “Dear God, I wish that Jody could come home, but he can’t, Thank you God”.

The other day I was talking to my Mom, (what an angel on earth she is) and we were talking about Jody (surprise) and I thanked her for being a “Jody soldier”.  That little boy, for how little time he spent here on earth, oh how he impacted her.  She speaks proudly of him when she talks about him.  She shares Jody’s story with friends and strangers. My Mom and Dad have “Jody chimes”, just like us.  When they ring, we know it is beautiful music from our angel just for our ears.  It is a small little message from him to us.

Just yesterday Carla & I met a saleswoman, though our conversation we spoke of Jody and gave her this blog address.  This is something that happens time and time again. Some of you reading this now can say, “That’s how I am reading this entry myself”.

As we moved into the year 2010 both of us agreed this was going to be a very positive year!  A year of change!  A year for happiness!  A year where smiles were not elusive! So on Good Friday this year we can share with our wonderful friends and family that we are now carrying Jennifer’s, Joey’s and Jody’s bother or sister!

We are pregnant and could not be any more excited.  We know some of you will think to yourselves, “Are they CRAZY?”.  We will answer that question for you; “NO” we are not crazy.  This house was supposed to have a baby in it last year, that didn’t happen.  Can what happened to Jody happen again, yes. Do we believe it will, no. We believe in our hearts that this baby is coming home.  We were talking to Jody’s godfather yesterday, he was sharing some positive new of his own with us.  The conversation turned to “the baby” and I told Brian that until we are buckling this baby into their car seat when we leave the hospital our hearts would be racing.  I’m sure that is the case for all expecting parents, but I believe that when the last child you had passes away the emotions are heighten.  Even our doctor and nurses have heightened emotions; heighten excitement when it comes to our care.  We feel it with every appointment.  The excitement is buzzing!

So, yes we know this child is coming home.  We know it in our hearts and in our heads. We have said many prayers and we now leave it in Gods hands.  If for some reason we are wrong, then we were intended to have two angels.  But for now we will just ask all of our friends, family and our blog followers to remain positive, and pray diligently like we are.