This week gives us a chance to reflect on our last year, our accomplishments and remember Jody. This Saturday our little guy would be One… Wow, it does not seem like it’s been a year since he was born.

We have slowly made strides at healing our hearts and understanding that our little guy is not a loss, he is a gift. I guess maybe scratch that, we have always viewed him as a gift. It’s just so often we dwell on the fact that he is not here, as though his life was snatched out from underneath of us.  Truth be told, Jody has taught us more then we ever knew he would or could. We have said it throughout the blog.

So this week we have an opportunity again to celebrate his life, as short as it may have been. This week we have made the promise to ourselves not to succumb to grief, but to rise with pride. Jody accomplished quite a bit, but through him we accomplished things too… He changed who we are, our hearts and our views on life forever.

So on Saturday just like every other day, we will say his name because he is in our hearts, his life is etched in our minds.  On his date of birth we will celebrate Jody!