I guess you can ask the question… How do you celebrate a child’s birthday that is not here? Well not with a birthday cake and presents like most 1st birthdays, but with a couple of joyful tears and some beautiful things.

In our prior post we mentioned our celebration we would plant a tree on our little man’s birthday. Take a look at the pictures of us planting the tree…

The finished product!!!

It turned out just as nice as we had expected. This tree is a little finicky and unfortunately does not bloom for about a year after planting, which means… You guessed it; beautiful blooms should fill the tree on Jody’s 2nd birthday.

So, we spent the afternoon planting Jody’s tree with G & G Terian and then went to hang a special ordainment on the Angel tree at St. Andrews. This tree is so beautiful it is called the Angel Connection, the sign reads:

God, be present here as we gather to remember out children

and place your blessing upon this Tree.

May we come to know more fully, in visiting this Tree,

that nothing dies,

rather it is transformed into new life.

Holy is this Tree that holds the names of our children

and the memories we cherish.

We have placed their names within its branches.

Softly hold them as we should have done.

Quiet our hearts and minds,

so we may feel the love our children send to us.

There is always music amongst these branches in this garden,

but our hearts must be quiet to hear it.

Listen with your hearts

for the whispers of angel wings

Jody’s ordainment is so beautiful. Kathy gave the actual ordainment to me months ago so that we could decorate and personalize it. Honestly, I could not do it, often walking by the counter it sat on I would look and yell at myself about it. Something can be said about waiting for the last minute. We used a ribbon that wrapped a gift from Joe’s parents and a beautiful butterfly charm. Take a look….

Surrounded by love….

We spent the day celebrating Jody’s life. So thankful for the gifts we received on the day he arrived.