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Well schedules are getting better and we are hopefully working towards relaxing! Come on summer!!!!

I have not blogged. SORRY!! I really am, I start these posts and get side tracked then the damn’ things just sit there.

I will be sprinkling in some random pictures that Joe sent to me while I was out of town.. I miss all the good stuff!!!

Jennifer and Joey waiting for my flight to arrive... watching the airplanes take off and land!!!

What is happin’ in da’ Terian Camp?

It has been busy with work travel and well just life in general but we have a couple of feel good stories for you!

First, did you know that both Joe and I hate (hate is a pretty powerful word, let’s just say we really aren’t big fans of ) the dentist? Who really enjoys going, if you do feel free to tell us why maybe you can change our mindset. Not to digress, so the kids got a new dentist, with everything it took me forever to find a new one, but once they got in there Joey had 2 cavities and Miss Jennifer (Jenni, if you ask her) had some strange anomaly in one of her adult teeth that just started to arrive in her mouth. You guessed it, my kid had something the dentist had never seen, a big gaping hole in her tooth caused by… Your guess is as good as mine.

So the point is that because we aren’t the biggest fan of the dentist we always choose to have our kids sedated.  We always request a 6 pack of the same stuff (the I don’t care medicine is really what we call it) but our desires are never met. Anyway, Joey was a superstar from what we were told, he spent the day being treated like a prince. Later that night we got a call from the dental assistant at the office (I wish I remembered her name) she told us all about Joey’s dazed conversation, how precious he is and she had just a special place in her heart for a family like ours. Here is what she said… “The whole entire time we were prepping him he just kept talking about his new baby. He told us… he was praying that his new baby could come home”

I just wanted to run in the house and hug him; he is so precious. We went on to share with her the reason why he is praying for his “new baby”, Jody never did get to come home and every time he prays he asks God to let Jody come home. It’s sweet… then he asks God and Jody to help his “new baby” to come home… Then he says, “Also could you please make the “new baby” a boy”

The big debate… Team blue, team pink… Oh and the other one TEAM ARPKD FREE

It is inevitable Jennifer (Jenni) is 11 going on 32 and guess what?!?!? She knows EVERYTHING! While as parents we have tried to encourage independent thinking and all that goes along with it, sometimes we wish we had made all the decisions for her! Just kidding… (Okay only a little!)

Jennifer is begging for a girl… do you know why? Not for the normal reasons (like mine) that girl clothes are by far cuter or those totally awesome hair bows… Her reason is that a sister would not be as much of a pain as a brother. I had to tell her… YOUR WRONG! Those sisters steal your blow-dryers, curling irons, on occasion your clothes… forget the fact that if they steal your shoes they could very well stretch them out.

Joe and Joey are on team blue… why? Well of course Joe, boys are way easier and Joey because simply put “boys are better”

Want to know where I stand? I am on TEAM ARPKD FREE… it is tough knowing it’s a possibility, often times I think I might just drive myself crazy with the not knowing aspect of this. But its like this, we are remaining positive! Yes we have a little division in our house on the sex of this baby and if you ask Jennifer she will say the same thing she always says “Dad has gotten his way twice, Joey and Jody were both Boooyyysss”

I can tell you though that while there are the teams and everyone has their own designs on what sex “new baby” will be, but everyone is on my team!!!! Yah me…. TEAM ARPKD FREE has 4 members who are able to set aside the pink and blue and become neutral!

Summer is almost here…

We are trying to decide what exactly to do this summer… I can tell you that my pregnant fanny will be getting in a tube and strolling down the Salt River, but besides that we have nothing much planned thus far.

We will continue to be anxious about what’s to come… debate on the sex of this pea. But until our next saga we will just be happy!

Here are a few pictures of the kids at the petting zoo…

Next to come…

We have said several times our experience delivering Jody was beautiful at Mercy Gilbert Hospital… Well we have talked about our nurses and the nurses that adopted us, but next time we will tell you about a special nurse who because of Jody has touched others… Stay tuned!

I will also leave you with this… I keep looking for trees like Jody’s to take a picture of but we keep seeing these big beautiful trees in peoples back yards. I don’t mind once in awhile being that creepy lady, but not sticking a camera over a persons gate to snap a picture. So Joe got a great one of a full size Jody Tree!!! Take a look!!!!

P.S. While I am not rooting for team blue or pink my mom’s instinct says that we should just start buying all things blue!