So this blog post might be a little bit cryptic but here is the thing. On Tuesday we got to take a peek at the new baby Terian, we got some amazing pictures. In the one we are attaching, we think she is actually saying “HI”. There was some great news and some not so great news, but all in all we are just trying to understand. Now for some of the great news, the winning team is “Team PINK”! Yup, it’s a girl! What I am going to do with pink… well maybe we might just need to change this to team purple or something.

About our not so great news, first of all Dr. Adams tells us she is NOT worried. She repeated this over and over again, she recommended we adopt this mentality as well. So we will be seeing a specialist to take a closer look at her. One thing we can say at this point, it appears as of right now both of her kidney’s are functioning!  That is a huge milestone in this pregnancy. We are keeping thing a little vague right now so we can come to terms with what we have learned so far.  We will share everything when there are more details and we know more. But for now we are asking for your prayers that this baby is received in our arms happy, healthy and ready to go home!