So what have we learned about our wee little girl? Well she could have a few issues and well she could be just fine. We are sure the question has run through your mind what is going on? Many people looked at us when we told them we were expecting and we are sure wanted to ask the question “Why?”  Why is something potentially happening “again” is something we have asked ourselves over the last two day.

We know we are updating this before we really even know anything of real value other then we appear to be another statistic again. It seems that with the exception of Jennifer and Joey we have been a statistic with Jody and now with the new Girl Terian.

We learned in two days some things that just make the hair on the back of our necks stand up. First, instead of a normal 3-vessel umbilical cord this little lady only has 2 vessels. Quite frankly, on Tuesday we lost it, the hysterical tears started right when the “hmmm” came out, followed by “oh”.  These were the sounds the scanner was making as she was doing her thing, scanning.  She share her thoughts about the 2 vessel umbilical cord and stated that, “you might need to be referred to a level 2 scan, the Dr’s like to watch these babies a little closer” Wow!  Another high-risk pregnancy independent of being a high-risk pregnancy because of Jody.

Dr. Adams (who is a rock by the way!) walked in and said, “Stop!” she was looking at two sniffling tear filled parents. That was followed by “I am not worried about this” Right away that gave us a little bit at ease, but that lead to more questions…

“How many babies have died with this condition?”

What sort of parent asks these questions? Easy answer Carla and Joe… super! It is pretty common 1 and 100 so we can be positive… right? She did say we needed to see a specialist for a level two ultrasound to check if there were any other anomalies.

Yesterday we saw that specialist, expecting to go in and see nothing else we thought we could rest easy knowing this may mean we get to see some more of this little lady because well again we are HIGH risk….

Our scan yesterday took a full speed nosedive. Almost everything looks spectacular with her except the umbilical cord and well the cysts that are present on both sides of her brain.

This specialist went on to inform us we COULD be looking at a little girl with a chromosomal disorder. T13, T18 and T21 are what came up. In this appointment we heard the term incompatible with life.  What a slap in the face… Immediately we were sitting back in our appointment in 09’ pregnant with Jody.


Most often I can tell you that Joe and I are both very positive people. But for the last several months I have not quite been the positive one, Joe has been holding us both up.

I guess given everything with Jody that is expected, but to use the word detached is pretty indistinct. Sure I was excited and shopping, but dare I buy anything? What the heck I can be honest here, right? Ultimately, I did get something, the cutest blanket that says I love mommy. Being that she is a girl, this is irrelevant because sooner or later just like Jennifer she will become a Daddy’s girl…

So yesterday as the Dr. was sitting there scanning this little lady pointing out cysts in her melon, I for the first time in this pregnancy had a sense of peace. That may sound silly or even boarder line CRAZY and I cannot explain it.  Yes choroid plexus cyst on both sides of the brain and single umbilical artery (SUA) are not good things, but individually they are not bad things either.

I am pushing Edwards Syndrome (T18) out of my mind and concentrating on spending a lot of time on my left side, eating a higher protein diet (weight gain for her) and maybe I might just have to see if they still make bon bons and purchase a bell! Just kidding about bon bons and the bell… a note to revisit these thoughts later has been made!

What can I say? You now know everything we do and we will defiantly keep you posted. We do have some decisions to make like are we going to find out for sure if this little one has a problem even though we would still carry to term??? Who knows, it would have been a whole hell of a lot easier if we were able to just go to Tuesdays scan and as Joe has described it “not left with a gray cloud hovering over our heads”


We need them, I told Joe walking out of the Dr. office yesterday “He would not do this again.”

In my heart of hearts I believe this to be 100% true. Never would I have expected something so similar to our experience with Jody. But maybe He knows that we can cope with this. We will just ask for prayer and continue to be strong…

More News… (Hey from Joe!!!)

Hello everyone, this is Joe.  We are holding strong with positive thoughts and preparing for the next set of tests.  This morning blood was drawn from Momma so a “quad screen” could be completed.  A quad screen will help to clarify the “numbers” or odd’s if you’re the betting type.  From our conversation with Dr. Adam’s this morning, following her getting the report from our level 2 scan, we have now been told the odd’s of this being a chromosomal disorder are now at 1:196.  So at this point we are clinging to the positives and discounting the negatives.  As Carla stated, for every prayer that is offered we graciously say “Thank you!”