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This weekend was wonderful!!! It is amazing what can happen in a weekend when you do NOTHING! When I say nothing I mean absolutely nothing! The temperatures were beautiful so maybe we should have been out doing some fun things, but quite frankly we rarely have weekends when nothing is planned.

Guess what I did? Answer: Watched every YouTube video on how to make a diaper cake…Why?  Because our friends B&K are expecting a baby. Now you may remember us mentioning them. Their daughter is Angel Grace, whom we never met… but do truly love. We met B&K when they were still carrying Grace, but did not have a chance to meet them until after they had delivered her. Since then they have become very special people to us. ~~

Back to this diaper cake, now K is trailing 3 weeks behind us so needless to say the shower will not be until September but they have agreed to let us have a shower for them! I obviously am super stoked and thought I should start brushing up my skills, and getting some baby shower knowledge! Because well honestly, I don’t know much about them and the four showers I have been to in my life, well one of them was my own when I was pregnant with Joey.

Joe just laughs at me but you should see some of the ratty diaper cakes on YouTube. It takes practice to make it perfect… Plus we are keeping another secret… we will have to make one for K and second cake for another anomalous momma who is expecting just 12 weeks behind us. They have not shared with everyone but we are really thrilled!

We thought we had some time on our hands, even with Joe laughing and Jennifer rooting us on we made our first one.  It was actually a whole family event.  Jennifer and Joe rolling and banding the diapers, Joey collecting the completed rolls and I was assembling “the maiden cake” Whoa, was it UGLY!!! Our cake could have been one of those ones on YouTube it was pretty bad. Janice described it as “lopsided” and well it was!

I am thinking after my first try, especially with it not being perfect then I might scratch that whole idea and do something else. K might just get a bunch of diapers all rolled up with rubber bands!

Who the heck knows! With a second attempt right on the wake of the first, our second cake was such an improvement.  The first one was a uni-sex cake, or at least that what we set out for.  The second cake was clearly a girl cake.  So, in an attempt to save face (our own) we will post pics of both cakes, to see that improvement can happen with extra work.  Even though Joe is actively partaking in this adventure he has gone on record as saying it is “WRONG” to call this a cake!

The silly things we do…

To best describe how we are with Jody’s “things” we would use the word protective. All of our reminders of him are so precious to us and maybe just maybe I on occasion take it over board. I have a blog I had written before about the blanket Jennifer and I made for Jody but never finished so as soon as I finish it I will create a post and put it up here.

But this weekend, I miss placed Jody’s blanket. This is not just any blanket, it is the last thing he was wrapped in before we left the hospital. It is nothing special, a simple white hospital blanket that over the last year, unless I’m not home I have used everyday. When we were leaving the hospital I asked if I could have it and the nurse kindly said yes.

On Friday I could swear I had seen Jennifer covering up with it, but was not 100% positive. That was until it went missing, and then it was all hands on deck. Everyone (except Joey) was searching. We had come up empty handed after looking in every room and so I had made the statement “We will be cleaning every room in the house until its found tomorrow!” Just as a forewarning to all those that might have other plans, I am locking the door and not a soul is coming or going until its found. I was certain that Jennifer had had it last… She swore up and down she didn’t, but I just KNEW it was her!!! Bitterly I sat down to finish the show we were watching and just happened to move a pillow from the back of the couch… Guess what was there? Yup… Jody’s blanket. All was happy in the world of Carla.

Jennifer looked at me with a smirk after the blanket was recovered! I figured I had been “a crazy obsessed mother” so I knew I should offer a kind apology to my 11 year-old. Jennifer met my apology with a hug and sadly said “I told you!!!” But hey I had his blanket and all was right!

Keeping the faith…

I was talking to a friend this morning, its amazing little messages that friends can bring you but KR made me smile. She had read our last blog post and sent us a message this weekend. I could have kicked myself this morning when I realized I said I would call her yesterday! I had no excuses because see my previous mention I watched YouTube all day!

I explained to her all that we have learned and said we are very optimistic. This is a new feeling for me because again I have not had this feeling. But on Wednesday sitting in the office hearing all the bad news. I had a feeling or sense of peace; I know I am repeating this. KR said something to me it went a little like this… “You are following your faith, and you will be rewarded.” I had not thought of this fact, but I have a good feeling about everything.

Those feel good moments…

When I say good feeling I mean good feeling! I did such a flip-flop.  Previously we were not ordering anything until I was 28 weeks to ordering all of her bedding this weekend. I am 8 weeks early, and going back on my word but I jumped. Now we have decided that until she arrives we will not be sharing names and etc. On the nursery we will post pictures when it is complete. I personally LOVE it… Joe thinks it’s busy, okay not just Joe but others (names unmentioned) do too! I really really love it though, and I think it will grow on Joe!