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It’s easy to have all the ‘What if” questions when you have a child that dies. There is not a day that goes by I do not think of Jody. On the 4th I sat there watching the fire works go off and I thought to myself “He must have the most beautiful view right now!” Often times you get an idea of where he is right now, then that leads you to where he should be. How drastically different our life would be right now, but how amazing to see what he would look like at 15 months. Who knows right?

Things in our mind are always so different then what they would be, to be quite honest I don’t mind living in a dream world when it comes to our precious Jody. I often ask him to come to me in my dreams… I hear it works. 15 months later I have yet to see him in my sleep. I will continue to be patient and just keep asking!

To show her spirit on the 4th of July, Ms. Jennifer and her friend did something a little silly… This is what I saw the morning of the 4th when I woke up! I was scared!!!

Bad Blogger

All right so I have been a bad blogger, have not been updating this puppy like I should be, but to be honest I need time and more ENERGY!!!! What happened to the idea that during second trimester you will full of spunk?!?! Well my 2nd trimester is filled with lost of couch time and a crazy early bedtime! Even before the kids go down I am out for the count… Joe just loves it (insert sarcastic tone here!)!

The name game…

We know A LOT of pregnant people right now! Mom’s who have dynamic stories of love and loss. But are expecting their RAINBOW baby/babies. I think I can simply say that we have 6 rainbow babies on the way. Wait, make that 7 because one Mum (she is from London) has just brought me to tears lately. She is expecting twins after losing two little ones in the same year. Add our other dear friend that is expecting we are excited to see 8 little ones welcomed into the world soon!

Sorry to digress, back to my point. There is a ton of pregnant people! I needed something to call this little girl and much to my surprise that name came from Joey. We have been trying really hard to come up with a name for this little one but are keeping it private until she makes her way into the world! So we needed a nickname and those pregnant ladies mentioned above have taken all the regular nicknames. Needless to say we need to call her something other then GIRL!

Recently we were putting pen to paper with all of us and Joey came up with some really special names, some perfect for a girl that start with J. However, others need a little bit of work. He put us in stitches with some of them! Still we put them on the list and when he was not looking marked them out while laughing!

Joey’s name selections:

Little Rascal  (reason… She is a girl)


Point being, Joey came up with her nickname! Until further notice she is… Little Rascal!


I can count on both hands and feet the number of ultrasounds we have had since the pregnancy with Jody. There have been tons! And with this one we thought the dark cloud would not follow us but surprisingly it did. Finally we went into an appointment today, and smiled. Our little Rascal is looking pretty damn cute!!

The bilateral cysts have already disappeared! We were so delighted!!!  Even though  the 2-vessel cord is here to stay. Good news is that she weighed in at just over 1 lb, so far growth is not affected. We still pray that everything is going to be just perfect with her, honestly though we will not be happy until she is in our arms.

Take a look at her little profile!

It’s a wee fuzzy, because it was taken with Joe’s phone… She is stinking adorable!