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nd she’s off!!!!

We got to take another peek at our Little Rascal last Monday! She is looking so precious nestled in there. We did get some 3-D images of her, but again will wait until she gets a little bit more meat on her bones to share them. She gained 12 oz in the last 4 weeks, now she is up to 1lbs and 13oz., so we think that is a pretty good!

One thing I can say is that we have children with big heads! Not big heads as in their full of themselves, but heads that make you say “Holy crap how is that little neck holding that thing up!!!” Her melon is the only thing measuring ahead on the charts at this point, which is different then her brothers and sister. Her weight seems to be in the 40% area, which is odd for us, but good for her.

One additional, wonderful thing that we will share, and the only image of the scan that I am posting is….

THERE IS AMNIOTIC FLUID!!!! That means her kidneys are working!!! (Insert sigh of relief and a few happy tears!)


Today was kind of an odd morning, because I unplugged my computer and came into the office. Late last Thursday I had to send pictures in for a project Jennifer had been working on, and left a disk of images in my computer. We still have some disks of Jody we have yet to look at.  Even though this is one we have viewed before, pictures of Jody always bring tears to my eyes.  They are not always tears of pain, I love to see him.  I guess it sometimes make me think what it would be like if he were here.

This is of his first bath… So before I post the picture, I always love his color and just how beautiful he was. With tears streaming I was quickly taken back to his bath with nurse Jen. The memory of her asking how we wanted his hair styled, to be quite honest he was far too beautiful to care about a hairstyle. But she sat there talking to him; she decided to spike his hair. Why? Her exact words “You’re such a fighter, we are going to spike your hair!”

She talked to him so lovingly as she bathed, dried and styled his hair.

To avoid any further tears today, I will be hanging up my writing shoes.

But I leave you with this, loss does get easier to handle. Heartache heals!  Someone posted on facebook recently a quote which I wrote down. I wish I had noted who wrote it. Simply stated, and so true…

“Do not judge bereaved parents. They come in many forms. They are breathing, but they are dying. They may look young, but inside they have become ancient. They smile, but their hearts sob. They walk, they talk, they cook, they clean, they work, they ARE, but they ARE NOT all at once. They are here, but part of their heart is elsewhere for all eternity. “ -Unknown

We have good days, and sometimes-incomplete days. One thing I can tell you, we have our moments, where we NEED to be snapped back, because tears heal our hearts more. It’s been 1year, 4 months and 6 days since we said good-bye.