Where do we even begin??? I guess first you hear again, we stink lately at updating the blog… We have had tons of stuff going on, and not enough time to get it done. With that being said, slap me and call me Suzy because we have hit some milestones this year.


It’s official he is getting so bit. He started kindergarten last month!!! Joe and I both had the opportunity to sike him out about school before he even started. We of course were really stoked and we geared him up for a big year!!! On his first day of school he was ready, we stopped by his desk took some pictures and relished in his cuteness.  We got some wonderful pictures with him and his teacher as well as a few others… take a look!!!

After the tears  started…



Another milestone… As much as we do not want to admit it our precious little girl is growing up. She has started Jr. High, and so far I think for her the jury is out.

Although she did not want us to follow her around with the camera to her class and take pictures we did share words of wisdom.

She was so precious because at the end of summer she had an issue with a friend. Well it turns out that like all girls she learned the lesson of friendship. To keep your cards tucked close, and no invest so much into one person.  Joe and I had to sit with her for a moment and hide our tears for her; she truly is such a sweet little girl, who puts stock into people and believes in that person.

So about Jr. High… she got the teacher she did not want, located in the “nerd class” (her words not mine), did not get any cool clothes to start the year. Hummm…. What else Oh everything is wrong this year.

As you can see we are starting off the Jr. High years just the way things should be! Here is a picture of she and I…

LR (Little Rascal)

What is there to say??? Well Carla did have a brief stint in the labor and delivery of Chandler Regional hospital shortly after our last post. She was treated so wonderfully and knew walking in it would be nothing. But the nurse when we were leaving said, “peace of mind is everything!”

She was correct, we were very lucky LR was doing great! We were able to take a look at her on Tuesday and guess what. This kid gained a whopping 2 lbs in a month! YIPPEE!!! We need her to get bigger because to be quite honest we have no clue what to do with a little baby… So lets hope she keeps cooking for about another 6+ weeks and has time to get bigger!  

Oh take a look at the great picture we got of her at our last appointment. She is surrounded by umbilical cord, but you can see her cute little nose and lips!

We have been working on the nursery and are almost done!! Okay when I say WE I mean I have been in there in spirit! Brian (LR’s Nino) spent two weekends painting her room and Joe got the furniture moved in. I think we are close! Plan on our next blog showing her nursery!

On a funny note… Jennifer and Joey loved the furniture! The boxes got to sit around for a week which provided us with many arguements and lots of laugh!!!


Through out this pregnancy we have been given the gift of hope among so many other things. Our friends and family have been so positive and supportive of us, and that’s just the beginning.

I sit often wonder if it was not for wonderful people in our lives if we would have been able to walk forward through the unknown.  We have a mountain of positive thinking in our most wonderful doctor and her wonderful nurse, but also her other staff that if by chance I might break down and cry they don’t judge! They pat my arm and say “Oh Honey!”

We often ask could we be more blessed… 

The 10th…

In conversation the other day I realized what an amazing day 10-10-10 will be. Lots of people believe the date is a very LUCKY day… so there will be tons of weddings I am sure. But even more important Jody will celebrate his 18 heavenly months… Needless to say I already think it’s a lucky day!