Happy 18 month Heavenly Birthday!!!

It’s been a long time; these last 18 months seem to have flown by. Many of us not realizing the depth of this anniversary, we have gone through the days remembering our moments with you. We remember… and we love you so much. Today we are met with sadness, but also a sense of peace because we know you carry us through each day.

Between you and me, I am still waiting for you to appear in my dreams. I know I am a broken record, seriously though can you make it happen?

Joey told us that it would not be right if your little sister did not meet you. He said she should go to heaven for a couple days, and then come back. You must know he does not understand heaven is a place you go forever. If you could be with us the day she is born we would so love it. We often regret that she will never meet you, but again we continue to keep you alive at home and we will never change that.

The other day I was looking at the picture of your little feet on the fridge and just for a moment remembered. I could have kissed every part of you. But those feet of yours were just so heavenly soft; I had never felt anything like them.  I just held them for hours knowing I would have one chance to remember.

We continue to know the day you were born we were given a very special gift, the most rewarding and memorable 60 minutes of our lives. Though the day is clouded by the sadness of losing you we continue to understand you were our gift for a reason. We will continue to walk each day remembering you, getting closer to the answer of why?

Until then you are never far from our minds. Happy 18 month heavenly birthday sweet Jody. Play with your friends today and like us celebrate you…

Loving you dearly,