I have been diligently trying to avoid the computer, it seems that once it’s in front of me I have an overwhelming urge to work! So I am just a few days tardy announcing the arrival of Little Rascal… Here are her stats!!!

Julianna Hope Terian

Saturday, November 6, 2010

at 12:11 am

7 lbs 10 oz

19.5 inches long.

She is just perfect in every way possible. When we arrived at the hospital late on the 5th we were so happy when Dr. Adams told us we would be in room 321… We have been asking to have the same room where Jody was delivered and lived his entire life. Okay maybe not we, Joe was pretty admit about it. I was scared out of my mind to walk into that room, I am not so great with overwhelming emotions. It was different though. Joe stopped the nurse before we walked in and explained the reason for the room. Then snapped a picture. Once we were settled in I realized, there was no place I would rather be. Room 321 is part of our story, part of Jody’s story and provided us with a little more healing.

Room 321...

I will turn this over to Joe so that he can share a little bit more! It’s funny what you forget when your busy and tired! There are more of Julianna at the end of the post!!!

All of our nurses were great! They for the most part got Joe’s sense of humor! Doctor Adams is of course amazing, we could not ask for a more loving doctor.

We took some pictures and now that Julianna is a week old we have some more for you! She is beautiful and we have taken the last week to soak her in.

OK,  now you got me (Joe) running this wordy show!  Soaking her in is quite the understatement.  We can’t get enough of Julianna!  We really can’t!  She is beautiful! She is stunning!  She is HOME!  The beautiful and stunning are really great bonuses, the being home, that is the one that is earth shaking for us.   Very early on after we found out we were pregnant I remember I was having a conversation with Julianna’s God Father, Brian.  I told him how excited we were, and nervous too.  I told him that we were not going to be at ease until we were buckling her into her car seat to leave the hospital.  When we did buckle her in, of course I took a picture and sent it to Janice with no words attached.  Later when we spoke with Brian and Janice, Janice said she knew exactly what that picture meant to us.  We were bring her HOME!  Yes, after parents have babies, that’s what they do.  They bring them home.  As you all know, our last baby we didn’t.



My fav!!!