It’s your 2nd birthday!!! Your 2nd heavenly birthday… I so wanted to write you a note, in celebration of you. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I hope you hear me when I tell you this, or know that each night I pray you are close. It’s been two years, which is hard to believe. I feel like yesterday I was rubbing those feet of yours and kissing your earthly face. What a beautiful face it was…


Each day I ask God to kiss you I hope he is doing just that. I hope that he is walking you through that heavenly life of yours. It’s easy to dream of the day I will see you again and marvel at the changes in you… I often ask myself if you will know who I am when I arrive. I can only hope and pray that you will meet me there.


Your birthday comes at a magical time each year. I look around at the plants growing after the winter freeze. Walking out to the scent of the orange blossoms always makes me think of you.  I wish I could bottle it and carry it around with me.


So much has changed since I last wrote! You are a big brother!!! I am sure you know. I believe that you watch over her, it’s not my imagination when I feel your presence around us. I know it’s you, keeping a close watch. Sissy has gotten so big too! She is maturing before our eyes, something else I wish I could bottle! And Joey don’t get me started… Sometimes I wonder where he got all of his love from. I mean don’t get me wrong we are loving parents. But on the nights that he hugs us 95 times and frustration begins to set in because we are in the middle of something. I let myself think that he has taken all of your love and he is passing it around.


Your sister was born in the same room as you! We again got to celebrate you on the day she was born. It never fails, we are always thinking of you.  Jody, Daddy and I think of you every single day! Someone said that it must have been hard being in the same room where you spent your whole earthly life. Looking back, it was not at all hard. We wanted to be close to you, and how much closer can we get?


Daddy and I were talking about you the other day, about your amazing will to survive and your strength. How could a baby have that much fight?


Today we remember you, today we celebrate you, and today most important we love you as though we have you with us.


The days leading up to your birthday I have been filled with sadness, I have passed the “why me” questions and moved on to “what would you be like now” questions. On the most difficult days, the days when I am on edge thinking I could break at any moment. I know you are with me offering me strength to keep going. Encouraging me not to fall into my own self-pity…


Today I will once again tell you, you are amazing! You are my whisper in the wind, that twinkle in the sky, and you are my moments of peace. Thank you for being you, no matter how short you were with me. I could not imagine my life without you.


Happy Birthday Jody Michael… Happy Heavenly Birthday!