Have I told you that Jennifer is a incredible Big Sister? She is! Often times if you see us she will be carting Julianna around on her hip… She asked us when I was pregnant  if she could take a lot of pictures of Julianna… I would never refuse, but she is quite smitten with her little sister!

What I want to be…

For Christmas  my dear sister and now brother-in-law did the most extraordinary thing… They sent Jennifer a really nice camera after learning she had expressed interest in becoming a photographer. This revelation came just the October after Jody was born, she and I were sitting in the back of a boat on Canyon Lake taking in the scenery. What prompted the conversation I have no clue…

Jennifer: “I want to be a photographer.”

Me: “Jennifer that is amazing! Why a photographer?”

Jennifer: “Because I want to help families like ours”

Me: “Like ours?”

Jennifer: “Angelina, cured your heartache and now people know Jody was here… I want to do that for others too.”

Sigh… Tears gathered in my eyes, once I got home I called Angelina… She inspired Jennifer, and for a 12 year-old she does a pretty darn good job!

Here are a couple of recent pictures I found after downloading the camera recently…

Julianna and Joey Photo-Shoot

She has had enough!!!

Just a couple others I discovered!!!