Holy Cow!

OK, So I’m sitting in my office (minding my own business) when suddenly I get this e-mail from my lovely bride.

The subject is: “Your in-charge of”.

I think to myself, “Whoa”.  What am I in charge of?  Guarding the President? Snacks for the soccer game? Bringing a Jumbo Jet in safely?  What?  Then I decide, let’s knock off the speculation and just open the damn e-mail.  Come to find out I was tasked with this, and I quote “Alright you are in charge of day 2 in the blog challenge… ”

Holy Cow!

How did this happen, I was literally sitting my office minding my own business.  So, now that I have been thrown under the blog bus I should just get up, dust myself off and “just do it”.

So here we go: Today’s topic I’m told is Favorite movies!

I’m just gonna roll up my sleeves and jump right in.  I don’t think I could ever start any discussion about favorite movies without including “Airplane”.  First time I saw it I was probably around 13 and I loved it from the word go.  I have probably seen this movie about 25 times.  “Surely you don’t expect me to land this plane”, “I do and don’t call me Shirley”. “Joey, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?” “I guess the foot’s on the other hand now, isn’t it, Kramer?”.  Alright, I’ll stop with the foolish quotes.  But this is why I say Airplane is one of my favorite movies.  Sadly, as much as I love this movie, Carla would take a pass on it every time.  I think I have only gotten her to watch it with me one time.  Oh so sad really!

Sometimes a good comedy where you can just turn your melon off, sit back and laugh is just the ticket.

You want to talk about a classic movie, I recommend you discuss “There is something about Mary”.  As far as I”m concerned probably one of the best comedy’s ever.  I laughed so hard all 12 times I have seen it. Ok, just one quote “Those goofy bastards are about the best thing I’ve got going.”  If this movie doesn’t move you to the edge of your seat, grab a mirror and hold it under your nose to make sure you still here.

Finishing up on the comedy’s you must include Better off Dead with John Cusack.  “Two dollars, I want my Two dollars”.

Other times a movie like “Saving Private Ryan” is what fits the bill.  That movie was incredible!  I can tell you, I was never in World War II (Carla may say I am probably old enough though).  I know the movie can’t do that justice, but I have to believe it gives a small, realistic taste of it.  The landing on D-Day was insane!  I would hope that had I been in that situation, I would have done myself justice.

There are the gross out scenes in some movies that sometimes almost make me fall out of my seat.  There is the scene in from the movie I Love you Man where they had been playing poker with a bunch of guys.  Which leads to a drinking contest and Paul Rudd’s character doesn’t have the strongest stomach for that. Which leads to “Yes! In your face! In your…Holy shit! – I’m sorry”, “Get out of my house.” If you haven’t seen the movie you can pretty much guess what just happened.  Very gross, and yes very funny too!

Carla & I just saw Bridesmaids, the movie itself was probably not one of my favorites, but the gross out scenes were pretty funny.  I’ll just say that the bathroom scene alone could have made someone watching the movie lose their lunch.  I’m just gonna leave it at that so in case anyone reading this has a weak stomach.

I also want to ask my Mom to not watch those two movies listed directly above.  I can tell you she would walk out within the first few moments.  Don’t do it Mom!

So that is a quick snapshot of some Favorite movies.  This is only a very very very small sample of some movies that just came to mind.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!