Day 4: Your idea of the perfect first date.

Alright, well Carla did say that I was going to be in charge of a few blog posts over the next 30 days. I am taking over day 4 on my own. But I am changing this puppy up a little bit. At this point who gives a crap about first dates? We are way past the 1st date phase… Let me tell you another story…

I thought I would share with you how I proposed to my lovely bride.  I joke around with Carla telling her “I blew my creative load” that day.  But, in all reality it was an incredible day.

The day was October 14.  Carla’s birthday!  I had driven her to work that day so I could pick her up after words and get right to her “Birthday celebration”, or so she thought.  After I dropped her off, the running around started.  I went to the florist and bought 3 dozen roses, no particular reason why 3 dozen, just seem like an awful lot of them. I had already purchased some very rustic looking paper that I wanted to burn the edges all the way around it to make it look even older.  On that paper I wrote what I have called my pre-pre-posal.  I was putting into print the life plans for us leading up to the wedding, honeymoon and life after.  It was a very serious and very loving letter.  It talked about us growing our family and growing old together.  It really was beautiful.  I completed that and put it into an envelope.  Envelope, candle, two champagne glasses, bottle of champagne went into a bag to stay all together.  Called all of the stops we were going to be going to after getting Carla.  Called the limo guy to confirm he was picking me up at the house about an hour before Carla was getting off work.

The limo showed up right on time.  I instructed the driver of all of my special requests that I needed his assistance for. We loaded up two folding chairs, the above mentioned bag, birthday gifts, roses and me.  We arrived a few minutes before Carla’s work was done.  Now keep in mind that I had already spoken with Carla’s boss confirming that I could take her from work whenever I got there.

I walked into her office, went over to her work station and said “Hey, you ready to get out of here”.  She lifted her head, we made eye contact and she look at me as if I were CRAZY!  She said “What are you doing here, you have to leave”.  I told her that we had permission and I was allow to steal her away.   She was so daizzed and confused, she left without even turning off her computer.  Outside in the parking lot she was looking for Zippy.  Anyone who knows me, knows I name my cars.  She couldn’t find Zippy, so I said “Let’s just take that!” pointing at the limo.  She said “What the heck are you doing”.  We jumped into the car and as instructed the driver just started to drive.  I had already told the driver exactly where we need to be and exactly what time we needed to be there.  Carla had no clue where we were going.  She started guessing all over the place.  At one point we were close to the airport, so she guessed the airport.  I told her she guessed right and asked her where she would like to go.  “Hawaii” she said.  I told her, “Alright then, Hawaii it is”  It really wasn’t, but why not let her dream if only for a few moments.  As we passed by the airport, she said “I knew we weren’t going to Hawaii”.

We pulled into our first destination, The Buttes at South Mountain.  I told her were coming here to have a quick drink before the night was to progress.  We walked into the hotel bar and enjoyed a tasty adult beverage.  As we were, the driver was taking the chairs and setting them up on the highest part of the property, a view of the entire city.   He also brought up the champagne, he lit the candle within the bag and placed my pre-preposal next to the bag.  As we were enjoying our drinks, I was keeping a very close eye on the time.  This part of the evening really was all about timing.  Watching the clock I noted it is time to take a walk.  We go up to the area that had been prepped for us.  I pop the champagne, pour us a couple of glasses and we sit, relax and enjoy.  Now as the sun is beginning to set behind the mountain, I pull out the letter.  I begin reading it, I can see that my words are touching Carla’s heart.  Her eyes begin to well.  Once I finish the letter, I get down on one knee and I begin to ask Carla to marry me.  I am a very goofy guy, I’m always making Carla and anyone else who might happen to be around, laugh.  I’m actually pretty good at it.  But when I was pre-posing to Carla there wasn’t a drop of goof in me.  My words were straight from my heart, straight to hers.  By the time I finished Carla had tears streaming down.  She didn’t say YES! She said ABSOLUTELY!!!  I nailed it!  Nothing but net!  OH YEA! AH HUH! OH YEA!

We finished our champagne and the driver came up to grab everything.  Reservations had already been set with Fleming’s Steakhouse following the sunset.  The staff was told when the reservations were made that we would be arriving direct following becoming engaged.  Upon arrival, Carla needed to “power her nose”.  When I checked in there was about three hostesses who wanted to hear every detail to this point.  When Carla joined me again, all three of them were just smiling huge smiles at her.  Carla was beaming!  We had an incredible meal!  Oh that place and does a mean steak!

Back into the limo we go.  Final stop of the evening takes us to the Melting Pot in Scottsdale for fondue desert.  Carla has loved this place ever since our first visit.  We had a sinfully wonderful desert, enjoyed our drive home and the rest is history, Folks!