This was an interesting option for a 30-day challenge… I looked at it and thought, WOW that’s a lot of information!

So I decided to keep it to our immediate family and start off with Joe, I guess because he is the leader of the house (or we let him think he is anyway!)!

Joe and Julianna... I could not remove her from the picture, but its the most recent one of Joe.

Joe: Uhh… umm… were should I start? Joe is amazing. This week my parents were here and my dad asked me “Is he as good as he implies” my response was yes!? He really is THAT good! Joe is the best Mr. Mom around town (though this is not a competition and he officially isn’t a Mr. Mom) he does all things kid related and keeps things going around the house. Even more over he is my biggest supporter! In life there has never been anyone who has told me more how proud of me they are. Most important Joe is Joe! That seems cryptic, but really… Life is not dull or boring when he is around. Never in my life did I think in life I would laugh so often, Joe does make that happen daily, hourly, always. Why?!? Because he is seriously a very funny guy! He often says he’s not quick witted, he’s quick twitted!


Jennifer... sweet little lady

Jennifer: Jennifer is the sweetest girl, and continues to surprise me when it comes to her personal and spiritual growth. She does have the pre-teen drama going on, but at the end of the day she is the best daughter I could ask for. She has developed a wonderful sense of humor, not sure where that came from (see Joe’s description above) Its funny, but she is an amazing big sister. She cares for Joey and Julianna as well as a mom, and you can just see the kind, nurturing individual she could grow up to be. Jennifer is one of those girls that is beautiful, but does not see it or let it make her who she is. I love that she does not define people/friends by their physical attributes, but she selects friends by who they are.


Joey after he lost his 1st tooth

Joey: Ever hear the term Momma’s Boy? Well not in a bad way but Joey is that boy, but even more… he is a daddy’s boy, a grandma’s boy and so on. I love Joeys’ kind spirit. He is so loving, and I often wonder how he can express his love so wholly. Yes, Joe and I are loving, but Joey surpasses us in expressions of love and gratitude.





Jody: What else can I say other than “He’s perfect and will always be”… I saw a bumper sicker recently that said “Never drive faster then your Angel can fly”, my first thought was I hope Jody can fly FAST, on occasion his Daddy has a led foot!




Julianna:  This kid makes me smile every day. When I walk through the door after being at the office all day, she gives the biggest warmest smile! It makes me thankful for every moment I have with the kids. She is the best baby, rarely is she fussy or unhappy. At 7 months she is developing a personality that is unique to her… We are just lovin’ it!