This one is so easy for me! Though I have not announced it on here…. I have been working on opening an Etsy shop with all of my favorite kid things!

Along with a new little girl came the thought of BOWS!!! Honestly, it is sad to say… But lots of them! I convinced my friend KS to take a bow class at a store in Chandler and I have been making bows like their going out of style.

Wait… It does not stop there! I started with little taggies or minkies, whatever you might want to call them. Moved on to carseat covers (in Arizona we need them) and it has just progressed!

All of this prompts me the statement above… Something you want to buy…

Now I know this is not on every woman’s wish list… Most might have diamonds or handbags. Honestly, I could care less about those things!