Dear Joey,

Wow… You are a big 6-years old today! I look at you in amazement all the time! You are just my same sweet, loving precious little boy. I dread the day that you don’t tell me a million times a day that you love me, or the day that you don’t ask me to snuggle.

You have brought a joy into my life that I could not imagine ever living without. In the last year you have changed so much and yet so little. You continue to have this innocence about you, but yet you are becoming such a big boy. This year you lost your first tooth, named your first best friend, added an additional $100 to our grocery bill and have become so independent!

This has been the year of questions! Daddy talks about what he was like as a kid, and I have to imagine you are much like him. The best word I can come up with is consistent! Your questions fill our days laughs! You keep us on our toes and make sure that we don’t miss a beat. But most important you are you. Simply stated, I have not met another little boy quite like you.

I cannot wait to see what you become as you get older! Will it be a Power Ranger, a fire fighter or one of the other things off of your list of desired occupations? Nonetheless, at the age of six you have blessed me with your tender spirit, your love and your silly sense of humor!

I am proud to be your Mom!

Happy Birthday Joey!!!!

Love you!