I know I don’t talk about this often on here, but holy smokes… Who watches Big Brother? (Kim don’t respond to this!)

Joe and I started watching last season and the first few episodes we felt like idiots… Really are these challenges that they do that tough? We realized that in order to continue watching we would need to shut down about ¾ of our brain power during the show.  Completing that task we continued to watch last year. As the season went we found that we grew fond of one player or another, or just have a true distaste for others…

Back to this season! Really… So I post this question those who watch… Why the hell did they bring Rachael & Brendon back?

Last night while watching Joe and I had some great laughs at their expense…. So I thought I should write Brendon a note based on Joe’s advice…

Dearest Brendon,

Oh gosh, where do I start? I think that after two seasons on Big Brother I have gotten to know you pretty well. Quite frankly, you irritate me… But honestly you do offer entertainment and many laughs at your own expense!

You cry more then a 12 year-old girl with Bieber fever, seriously… Do people really talk the way you do to Rachael or are you reading from a BB script. It cracks me up! I am so happy that she decided to take you back after those naughty pictures were announced last year.

Sorry… let me get on with the advice…

When the words “You shouldn’t marry me.” “I am crazy” comes from the mouth of your fiancé you should RUN for your life!!! When I say RUN, I am serious. Get the hell out of there.  Seriously, It’s not like one of her friends said it and you can’t be sure if the information is valid, again SHE TOLD YOU!

I can understand from your perspective though, Rachael is entertaining. Honestly, as I am writing this I think more and more you two might just be meant for each other. You are two peas in a pod.

Vomit… I cannot believe I just said that.

In closing, I would just like to make one point. I will be praying that you do not get back in the house with the “new twist” that was reveled last night. I am so glad you were ousted and Jordan stayed. As the season goes on I like her and Jeff more and more.


Concerned viewers…

P.S. Rachael is pretty crazy… If you could do me one final favor, give some other players a chance… America already hates Rachael, don’t come back!