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Someone told me recently that I have an eye for greatness! Don’t worry… My laugh was contained within and I did refrain from yelling “Idiot” before walking away! Not sure why I started with that other then… It happened today and I was so amused I couldn’t not repeat it! If your one of our facebook friends you might just know what today was…

On to better things as promised…

With being sick for so long I had a ton of time to think about many many things that I could work up to craft and have fun with… The weather is thinking about cooling off and offering us an opportunity to get out. Fall is one of my favorite times!

Jennifer painting...

It’s not often in Arizona that you can sit on the back patio and paint!

With Jennifer’s help I figured out that we NEEDED a fall wreath! So I googled and found one that I could make. Now the one that I could duplicate looked amazing! Either the manufacturer had a fantastic photographer or quite possibly it was the heavy pain medications I had been taking following my surgery! The jury is out, how about you let me know!

So here goes!

Our first tutorial… Fall Wreath….

Items needed:

  1. Twig wreath
  2. 24 strips of fabric (I used 8 different types) Strips should be about 2’ x 24”
  3. Paper to print Fall on
  4. Twine
  5. Glue gun
  6. Felt

This was actually pretty easy…. The worst part was walking away with burns after dancing with the glue gun!

This project Jennifer was my trusty side-kick on!

Meet Iggy!

Before we start giving the details let me get a few pictures up here of the supplies

I found this at Walmart for about $3

Fabric strips

Felt Circles... I used a shot glass to get the perfect size. Obviously I was medicated so none of the good stuff made it into the glass!

Once you have you’re felt pieces cut and ready to roll you can move on to the flower making process… the longest part of this! (Keeping my fingers crossed that I can convey this all correctly!)

To make the rolled flower you will do the following:

Tie a knot at one end of the fabric strip.

The rule in our house is when using the hot glue gun ALWAYS use news paper too!
Glue it (with the hot glue gun) to the center of the felt circle

Twist the fabric around and roll it around the knot in the center.

Finished product should look like…

Now you will make 24 of these… I did a couple extra just incase! With my 8 different fabrics I completed 4 of each and had 8 extra to make a few headbands for Little Miss!

Once your rolled flowers are complete you have about 10 minutes left!

Choose a starting point and start gluing! You will end up with the about ½ of your wreath covered in the rolled flowers like so!

Now the words FALL… I just took a fun funky printable from the internet, but you could use just about anything. If I had to do this over again I would use fabric for the banner, but I had help on this too! Thanks to Kathy (Joe’s mom) I had four different colors of paper and lots of options to choose from! She was so kind to print these up for me!

Using the paper I cut a triangle (leaving enough room at the top to roll over the twine) and slapped the banner on it! I am sorry I spaced taking pictures for this part!

For my first project it turned out pretty cute and is currently hanging on our front door!

Our next tutorial (Jennifer’s decision!) is how to make a Tutu! We made our first ever and it turned out pretty cute! With Julianna turning 1 on Sunday I have a good reason to make another one! Keep your eyes peeled! Jennifer and I have turned it into a contest “whose is cuter?” she will be making one and so will I! It’s sure to be fun!