Julianna turned one since my last post. Can you believe it? I was thinking about the last year and reflecting about how time has flow. It really has zipped right by and I am trying to remember all of it! Its funny how your little ones grow so fast and I keep thinking that I am going to get that time back!

I wanted to share her celebration with you! She is so stinking cute and was a wee bit overwhelmed having so many people sitting around googling at her! All in all she did great! Actually I wish I could attend a party like her… She took a nappy right in the middle of it!

Here is a peek at her day!

What else is there?

Well the holidays are in full swing and I am having positive thoughts! I am cooking my first thanksgiving dinner! Yes… I am praying that the turkey will be cooked perfectly, people leave stuffed from good food and not ill because it was awful! Someone gave me advice though and I might take it… “Always have a ham on hand as a back-up.” Sounds good to me!

Then there is the thought that I am not so excited about putting up my Christmas tree! There are two things I dread each Christmas:

1: Lugging the 150 lb box out of the garage

2: Spending two days fluffing the damn thing

3: spending another two days decorating it

4. Listening to the kids argue over who’s ordainments is who’s (when generally they are both wrong!)

5. Put all of those in reverse

I guess maybe I should have stopped after two complains because now I am feeling a little stupid. But really! I love the spirit of the holidays, the outpouring of love for those around you. In all reality I have to be honest I have dreaded the last two years of holidays.

I am sure that most people who have followed since Jody can understand but seriously… Break out the pity party because here I come, I can tell myself that this year it will not be the same. I will not have a hardcore pity party that is raging as hard as Saturday night fraternity kegger after finals.

My list above is just the cherry on top of the laundry list of dreads during the holiday season. Now that I have gotten that off my chest I can move on to non-pity party issues…

My butt is clearly shrinking…

Alright, so any mom who has had 4 kids… YES I SAID FOUR (4)… Incase you want to know I am still keeping count like Doctor Seuss… It’s easier in discussion to call them #1, #2, #3 and #4…

Really though, I sent a message to Kim recently to gloat. Why Kim?!?! Well because she is so damn thin and cute I knew she would cheer for me! (And she did!) But that’s beside the point… Since having Julianna I have lost the weight of a small child. I really thought I was going to say the total number but as I have been typing I got a little shy about it.

When I say “small child”, let me quantify… take Joey (my son) subtract 10 pounds and there you have it!

I am almost to my goal and am going to change gears. Forget about losing weight, I am going to go for the gusto and actually go to the gym! Yes I am dead serious! I am talking about walking through the doors not just paying for the membership! Though just paying for the membership does make you feel like your doing something positive!

Let me tell you the best thing though! Joe has decided to join me!!! Plus Jennifer and I are becoming yoga buddies! Obviously I am stoked about that because it does not leave me feeling like I am the only one doing it! (That sounded so high school!)

The Terian House Book…

A few posts back I talked about how overwhelmed I had been. I think those panicked feelings were due to so many things that I could list out, I will spare you the details though… The last several months of my life has just felt like there was too much… I did all that fear conquering stuff with the dentist and the public speaking (or crying), we completed the PKD walk…

Then I created the Terian House Book! Pitiful… Maybe… Here is my though, I am the only one that ends up in “FREAK OUT” mode. When I say that I am being honest. Joe looks at me like I am crazy when start I listing out everything I have to accomplish. My crazy refuses to be scheduled, apparently. It also prefers to choose its own battleground, that’s changing though! Because NOW I am in control… All right my list is. Still thought I am writing the list and saying I am in control makes me feel better!

The whole list thing is good for me. Plus, I get to pat myself on the back for having an abundance of school supplies so I took that trusty little tablet out and started writing. I stopped at page two and Joe said “Oh, my… I see what you are saying!” Hello! He finally got on board! I was no longer on an island of my own having an “Oh SHIT moment”

Now that my freak-out moment is over I am happy to move on… I will be chipping away at my list of things to do slowly. I just do it in an easy, breezy way!

One last thing…

Did you see that super cute fabric pendant that I completed for Julianna’s birthday? Well I did it the morning of (in true Carla fashion) and took picture while going through the process! I will be posting another tutorial shortly! Here is a little picture of it displayed on the table!

Peace be with you all!