It’s been almost 3-years since Jody was born, kind of hard to believe. Sometimes it seems like a lifetime has passed since he died, and maybe it has in some respects. Our old life left us with Jody, the old life where there was not appreciation for the simple things, the complex always on the go life that we led. Once in a while I wonder if it was really me in the room the day that he was born. My memory is fading, I can’t always remember every detail and often get my facts skewed. Similar to that of the other kids details like when they walked, talked and what their temperaments were.

I have come to realize my old perspective on life and the loss of remembering every moment is okay. I learned that we hold on to the important details, the important memories and each one of us hold on to different details. Part of life, but together between the Joe, Jennifer, Joey and myself our memories paint the full picture.

My energy is concentrated on more important details as well as the others in the house. But our memories and hearts serve us well when we need them… Such as this story of our sweet Joey.

About two weeks ago we had a parent teacher conference with his group of teachers. All of them sang about Joey’s sweetness and his amazing personality. In the conversation Jody came up. Mrs. R, Joey’s homeroom teacher said I have to tell you this… As she began she told us about the lesson they were learning that day, it was on butterflies. She asked the students if butterflies remind them of anything. Students raised their hands and answered; when she called on Joey he said, “Butterflies remind me of my brother, Jody. He is in heaven now, but they make me remember him.”

I knew what she was going to say as she led in to the story with the lesson for that day. It didn’t stop the tears from forming in my eyes… that simple story still as I write opens the gate of tears because, Joey remembers.

In just a few days we will be celebrating Jody’s 3rd birthday. Absent of earthy body, but his spirit will be ever so present. Because we know each day he walks with us…

Until then…

For Jody’s birthday we wanted people to remember him by sending us pictures to add to his name gallery… It can be found here

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