That is what Jody is today, 3 years and 1 day!
Now I haven’t sat down and wrote a blog in I don’t know how long. A year? A year and a half? I could look it up but it really doesn’t matter. Thank God that Carla usually steers this ship. Over the last two days I have had a tidal wave of emotion wash over me. I haven’t been in charge of my emotions, they have been in charge of me. But I would speculate that just about anyone in my shoes would probably have something similar happen to them as well.
Now Jody’s birthday! First of all I want to take a moment to tell my lovely bride “I am sorry”! Anyone who knows me pretty much knows I don’t really have bad days, especially of late. But I am sad to say that yesterday I had a really bad day. The one person in this whole wide world who didn’t deserve me being in a bad mood was Carla! Yes, this particular day was a difficult one, and I know that is WHY I had the day that I did. So I have told her that I am sorry and she has forgiven me. So that being said, I didn’t even need to share that nugget of news with you, but I felt as if I should.
Yesterday was beautiful and painful at the same time, if that makes any kind of sense. Carla was leaving as late in the day as she could for work travel, which made the day even more difficult for her. As she packed upstairs, I was on the phone down stairs trying to have flowers delivered to her hotel room. I called the hotel to explain what this day means to us and I asked them for assistance in trying to complete this flower mission. That morning I spoke to a number of people, all of them very very pleasant, but none of their names “stuck”. I called and ordered beautiful flowers which included Carla’s favorite, Lilly’s. In the card I had them write “Love Daddy & Jody and the rest of the crew” That’s what I call my family often, “The Crew”. I think it fits!
Carla & I took some time for just for us on Jody’s day. In fact I’m proud to say I had my first Pedi/Medi combo! Actually it was really really wonderful. My feet are soo soft and supple right now, you really could compare them to a babies butt. I’m not kidding, they are like a new pair of feet… During the Pedi Carla & I started talking to the lady next to Carla. We had a really nice conversation, quite a few laughs. We shared with her that it was Jody’s birthday. She shared with us that she owns a cupcake shop. She told us when we finished to go over to her store and she would give us “some cupcakes on the house”. How wonderful is that, just another way that Jody makes such positive things happen. So, of course we went over and grabbed these wonderful cups (which would later be confirmed)
Thereafter, we got Jennifer and Joey out of school early so we could do a balloon release at the hospital where Jody lived his life. Each of us wrote a note to Jody, placed the note and one of Jody’s cards into little zip lock bags and attached them to the balloons. We did a countdown starting from 5. To be honest with you the only numbers that I heard was 3, 2, 1. If any of you read one of my earlier blog entries it was about Jody’s birthing room, 321! On 1, everyone released their messages to heaven. What are the chances of them really making it to heaven? In all reality, doesn’t seem like they would make it all the way there, but who knows. In case they didn’t, we included our e-mail address so who ever finds them might send us a message letting us know how far they may have traveled.
We headed home after having a tasty “Linner”, that is in between Lunch and Dinner, in the hospital cafeteria. We have had many a meals there because of Mr. Jody, and it is kind of a way to be a little closer to him. After all, that hospital was his home! We get home and we placed three candles into the two cupcakes that we were given earlier. We start to sing “Happy Birthday”, half way though I broke down. My god! Jody should be here! We should be singing Happy Birthday to his earthly form, not a 3 year old heavenly form. Carla who had stayed composed (for the most part) asked me “Do you want a hug?”. WOW can my wife’s hugs work magic. No, I didn’t stop crying, but holy smokes does it feel good when she hugs me!!! I should let you know, it wasn’t a “hug for beginners” here, nor was it from “hugs 101 online course” she was giving me the “Mac Daddy” of hugs.
Carla & I jump into the car to head towards the airport. I KNOW it is with a heavy heart that Carla will be getting onto this plane. Her heart isn’t into it. How could it be, this is Jody’s day! All day! So Carla has boarded the plane and it occurs to me that I have no idea whether or not the flowers ever got delivered. I call the hotel the phone is answered by a lady named Praise. I share with her why I was calling and how important that those flowers were. I began to tell her how incredible Carla is. If you ask anyone that I know and they have ears, they have heard me share how wonderful my wife is. She verified that the flowers were in her room. Whew! I believe Praise said to me “Was that a sigh of relief?” In sharing with her everything about Carla, she said “Oh, I wish I could meet your wife tonight”, but as Carla was arriving at 1:00 in the morning Praise was already going to be done with work. She asked me if she could call Carla tomorrow, I encouraged her to. Before we closed I gave her this blog address.
The next morning I told Carla all about Praise. To shorten a longer story, in the later part of the afternoon Carla was going with Bill S. to check into the hotel. Don’t get me started on how wonderful that man is!!!! I love you Bill. Sorry, back on course now. Carla & Bill go to the counter and Carla saw the ladies name tag, “Praise” she shouted. Then Praise shouted “Carla”. Mind you, neither of these ladies had met before. The reason they were meeting right now is because of JODY! Praise asked Carla to please hold for a moment, she had something for her. She returned with a cupcake, while giving it to Carla she told her that she wanted her to have a good day today. Carla began to shed tears, but these were tears of happiness. This special woman with a warm heart helped to make Carla’s day.
Both Carla & I can attest to the walls that Jody helps to break down, the bridges he builds, the connections he makes.  As so many of you have heard me say “I have four children, 3 that walk with us and 1 that soars! I thank God for the wonderful people Jody has brought into our lives!
Thank you Jody!
P.S.  This blog was done completely un-proofed by Carla (I usually proof hers) So any typo’s, punctuation issues etc. etc.  I wave any and all responsibility because she’s not here!