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 Meet the Terian’s

This blog was started to keep our friends and family updated on our progress while carrying our heavenly angel Jody Michael. We used this as a way for ourselves to document our grief journey along the way. Years later we are still mentoring other families through this and will continue to support the babyloss community.

On April 10, 2009 we welcomed our third child, Jody Michael, into our lives. God allowed him to grace our lives for 60 blissful minutes. My hope is to honor his memory as he has forever changed my world. While I miss him immensely, I have to believe that my greatest loss was and still is his greatest gain. We have since been blessed with baby Julianna, our fourth miracle. I love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me. xx

During that time it was so difficult for people to leave comments so we created a special email which people could contact us…. So USE it! carla.terian@me.com


Mom (Carla)

About me…. fun, crafty, creative, self-conscious. I have 100 jobs, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend… the list goes on. I have found a new fascination with beading, maybe it will last longer then my scrap-booking stage.






Can I tell you that from a mothers perspective she is the most beautiful daughter on earth! She is funny just like her dad, for the most part easy going. Sharp as a tack (don’t tell her we know) and just a wonderful daughter. Its through her that we see each day that personal growth is beautiful. She continues to grow, develop the attitude of a 20 year-old and we still love her. She affords us the opportunity to grow as adults the same as we did as a child. Her beauty is not seen when she looks in the mirror, we (mom and dad) see it each time we look at her, each time she hugs us when we cry. As mom, its my greatest gift that she talks to me like I’m her friend and rolls her eyes at me like I’m her mom… She is a great part of who I am, because without her I would never be where I am today.


If you ask him his name he will tell you “Joey T.”! He makes us laugh, through everything that we have been through we have learned most from our kids. He is funny as all get out, loves to sing, dance, whine. This little guy offers us the ability to smile while doing nothing… There is not one thing that makes you happier then hearing him sing from another room. Laugh about nothing at all… he is keeping us young! In the last several years we have seen him grow into the most kind hearted little boy. He is sweet, well behaved and just an all around good kid! Not to mention damn’ good lookin’!


Where to start…  precious Angel Jody Michael Terian? His earthy spirit was with us for one hour on April 10, 2009, he was received into Heaven at 9:57 p.m. on Good Friday. Through heartache and tears he has blessed the lives of his Mom, Dad, sister and brother. We learned of Jody’s condition months before he was born, knowing that he would not be with us long was what left us angry and hurting for months, but as time passed we learned to cherish what we had. We talked his head off for months, played footsie, rubbed his back so many things most pregnant mommies take for granted. You can read the beginning of our journey at http://www.carlajoe.vox.com. He is the reason that we continue this blog.

Julianna Hope

Meet Busy aka Julianna! When she arrived our world rocked! She is perfect in every possible way! Obviously she knows what a blessing she is to us because each day she takes full advantage of it. There are times you will see us looking at her with a smile just because she is a cute as could be. She was graced with the most beautiful eyes, those eyes are the most beautiful deep, worldly blue I have ever seen. Often times I feel like looking into them you see the world from a new perspective. You see HOPE, knowing that beauty can come after a storm.


7 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Gloria Schneller said:

    You must be the most courageous couple I’ve ever hear of. It is through Angelina Dominguez that I’ve followed your story. Angelina is the daughter of one of my oldest and dearest friends. She is a lot lot her mom.

    Please know that your family, and especially little Jody will be in my prayers always. What an angel boy you had. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Gloria, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. We love Angelina, and who she is. Sending you many blessings…

  3. You must be the most courageous couple I’ve ever hear of. It is through Angelina Dominguez that I’ve followed your story. Angelina is the daughter of one of my oldest and dearest friends. She is a lot lot her mom.

  4. You must be the most courageous couple I’ve ever hear of. It is through Angelina Dominguez that I’ve followed your story. Angelina is the daughter of one of my oldest and dearest friends. She is a lot lot her mom.+1

  5. Hi Carla and Joe! I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting you both last week at Babies R Us. People come into eachother’s lives for a reason and I am truly blessed to have heard all about Jody. It’s amazing how just 9 small months can completely change someone’s life! As you both know my daughter, Ariana, would have been 7 years old on the 8th and there is not one day that goes by that she is not in our thoughts and our lives. It is definitely comforting to me and to my husband to know that there are people out there who have shared our experiences and truly know what is like to be a parent of an angel. That is a gift that God grants to only a very select few.

    I am so excited about your upcoming delivery!! I cannot wait for her to be here so I can see her. Of all the moms that I meet daily at my job, your upcoming birth is the one I am most anticipating! Perhaps it’s because we belong to a very exclusive sisterhood, but I feel the your little girl is extra blessed. When we had my son, Alexander, 1 year after Ariana’s passing, it was the most indescribable experience! You’ll both know what I’m talking about when your daughter is here with you!

    Please keep in touch and the warmest of regards to your family!


    • Vanessa, You are so sweet. We really enjoyed meeting you at Babies R Us, I guess its not often a woman starts crying in front of you. You were so very kind to me/us. We will be making a trip there to see you after she arrives, you are one of the people we put our list to see. Thank you so much for words of wisdom. I am so fearful of what feelings come along with her arrival.
      Many blessings to you! We will be seeing you soon enough!

  6. You are a beatyfull, nice and very strong family 🙂 I admire you … Best wishes from Germany, Katja

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