Memorial Video


9 thoughts on “Memorial Video”

  1. Tara & Justin said:

    no words…absolutely touching !!!

  2. Beautiful

  3. Amanda DIllon said:

    Saw your video today on facebook, posted by a friend of mine. I thought two things right away: one, how beautiful your family is and two, how we never know what tomorrow holds for us. I am a mother of four children and your story and bravery is very touching. God has a plan for our lives, each child, a purpose, and through this story I know you have had to help so many people. What a blessing you and your family truly are.

    • Amanda, Thank you for such kind words. Jody was an amazing baby and we continue to celebrate him each day. We were blessed by him in so many ways we continue to have him touch our lives after his passing….


  4. This story touched me very much. I couldn’t stop crying. I’m 7 months pregnant and the doctors tell me that my baby boy has ARPKD. They give me very little chances for his survival. I’m terrified his my fist baby. I dont know what to do just keep praying for my little one. My heart goes out to your family.

    • Lizette,

      I am always so delighted to see comments on the blog. But was so sad when I read about your son. The doctors will give you very little hope. If you read thought from the beginning of the blog, you will see the same thing said over and over. I learned to despise the words viable, not compatible, I could list more… I would be more then happy to talk with you if you have questions. There is also a support group of families that have lost babies to ARPKD. The most difficult thing for me to understand when I was carrying Jody was that I was not alone. Please know that you are not either. I know family can be amazing supporters, but inside you feel alone with the fear for your child. Peace and love to you. I will try to get your email and send it to you directly.


  5. Nicola said:

    Oh my word,I’m so very sorry for your loss,your blog and memorial video are inspiring. Your little angel is truly beautiful.. Hugs and kisses to all your family xxx

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